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A Comparison Between OpenCart and Woocommerce – What’s the best?

If you are about to start an online store, you have many different options available to consider. Out of those options, OpenCart and Woocommerce have received lots of attention. They can deliver much-needed assistance to you with getting your online store up and running with ease. It is better if you can do a bit of a comparison in between these two options and figure out what’s the ideal choice available for your requirement is.

What is OpenCart?

OpenCart can be considered as an open-source shopping cart system, which was introduced back in the year 2008. It provides a large number of functionalities to the users. You can design the online store according to your specific requirements with the help of responsive OpenCart themes. You just need to go through the available options and pick the perfect Responsive OpenCart Theme. You can also take a look at the premium OpenCart themes as they can deliver most for the amount that you spend.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is the right option available for people who are looking forward to develop an online store with the help of WordPress. This is a WordPress plugin. You will be able to transform your WordPress CMS into a fully functional online shopping store with the help of WooCommerce. Any kind of an online store can be developed with it, along with a variety of engaging features.


OpenCart can be installed on your web host or local install. You can go for a single click installation as well. Therefore, you don’t have to spend a lot of time to install OpenCart.

On the other hand, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin. Therefore, you should navigate to your WordPress dashboard and then install the plugin. This is a relatively easy job to do as well.

Flexibility with plugins and installations

When it comes to OpenCart, you will be able to get your hands on a variety of plugins and installations. The Premium OpenCart Themes and Templates hold a prominent place out of them. These premium OpenCart templates can help you to customize the appearance of the store with ease. You just need to locate an OpenCart Multipurpose Theme and go ahead with it.

However, WooCommerce is lacking some of the fundamental functionalities that are available in OpenCart. You will even have to pay to get the basic payment options such as PayPal. On the other hand, you need to understand that WooCommerce is not open-source and it is not backed up by a community.

Customization capabilities

You can add an OpenCart Theme and customize it according to your requirements. This will be an easy job to do.

WooCommerce comes with easy to manage administrative tools, which can be used to customize the design according to your needs.

Multiple sopping store functionality

You will be able to manage multiple shopping stores with the functionality offered by OpenCart. You will be able to get the job done with ease as well.

However, the ability to manage multiple shopping stores is not provided by WooCommerce.

What is more SEO friendly?

You will need to be tech savvy in order to make your OpenCart store SEO friendly. That’s because the steps you have to follow in order to customize Meta titles and Meta descriptions are not straightforward.

However, WooCommerce will help you to get better control over the SEO elements. You can even add robots.txt, Google Analytics and custom URLs to the WooCommerce store.

Final Words

Now you have a clear understanding between OpenCart and WooCommerce. You need to compare these two options in detail and match with your requirements. Then you can pick the right one to start your online store.

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