Email Marketing Mistakes

Email Marketing Mistakes which every WordPress users must avoid

11 Email Marketing Mistakes which every WordPress users must avoid. Check out our list below with the information that will help you to improve.

1. Are you using WordPress to Run an Email List or Newsletter? – A bad idea.
2. Confusing Blog Subscription Tools with an Email List – Be clear
3. Not Starting Email marketing for your business – Start it now.
4. Not Using a Lead Generation Software – Do it, it will grow your email list.
5. Using only a Single Sign up Form – Either user will forget or sometimes owners also forget.
6. Using Too Many Options and Ruining User Experience
7. Not Improving Lead Generation with Testing and Research
8. Not Using RSS(Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) to Email Subscription
9. Buying an Email List is worst idea ever because those email lists are not real
10. Ignoring Google Analytics to Boost Signups- Google analytics will help you to make informed decisions
11. Sending Too Many Emails – It will irritate the user

I hope this list has helped to rethink about your email marketing strategies and give you the idea about how to avoid such mistakes in future.

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