OpenCart ECommerce Website

Essential Optimization Tips For Your OpenCart eCommerce Website

Why is OpenCart eCommerce Website a Great Start For Beginners In Small And Medium Scale Industries?

  • User-friendly
  • Less time to install
  • Open source
  • Free software support

When optimizing your online store:

1. Optimize All The Pages Of Your Website

Optimizing your homepage, catalog, and your product pages:

Points to remember
a) Title tag
b) Meta description
c) Do proper keyword research using ‘Google Keyword Tool’

2. Optimize Your Site’s URL Structure
3. Ensure To Avoid Duplication Of Content
4. Create An XML Sitemap For Your Site
5. A Clean OpenCart Theme Can Improve Your SERP
6. Add Google Analytics To Track Your Site’s Traffic Data
7. Improve Your Site’s Social Network Presence
8. Do Not Integrate Too Many Extensions
9. Too Many ‘Categories’ Can Affect Your Site’s Performance
10. Use A PHP Accelerator

Opencart is a growing eCommerce platform and optimizing it properly can help you to increase your business and grow your OpenCart eCommerce website’s views. Visit our website to know more about our eCommerce services at